Black Sabbath (New Jersey 2016)

Tim Doyle

Black Sabbath  | New Jersey (USA), 2016

BB&T Pavillion de Camden (NJ) en 2016.

Design et sérigraphie de l'artiste Tim Doyle.

Edition numérotée et signée par l'artiste de 666 exemplaires !

Format 45,7 x 61cm.


A propos de cette sérigraphie:

“I was totally honored to get a chance to do a poster for such a legendary band on their farewell tour! When it came to this particular print, I wanted to riff on the Satanic/Occult imagery associated with the band- and being the super-nerd that I am, I can’t think of ‘Satanic imagery’ without thinking of Mike Mignola’s long-running Hellboy series of comic books. So this is me, trying to work in that headspace and I’m super-pleased with the results!” Tim Doyle

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