Man Of Steel

Dan Mumford

Artiste: Dan Mumford

  • Sérigraphie 7 couleurs dont un vernis
  • Edition limitée & numérotée de 180 exemplaires
  • Format: 45,7 x 61 cm (18x24 pouces US)
  • Sérigraphie sous Licence officielle Warner Bros.
  • Papier Fedrigoni Arcoprint 300 gr

Un hommage original au film de Zack Snyder puisque l'excellent artiste britannique Dan Mumford nous livre ici sa vision de la chute de Krypton.

"With this piece we thought it would be nice to tackle something a little different within the Superman Mythos. The way Man Of Steel showed this beautifully crafted world of Krypton fascinated me, and it was a shame we spent so little time there in the film. So with this i wanted to pay tribute to the beginning of Man Of Steel and the tragic moment as his Mother watches the end of her world and Kal-El dissapears into the sky". Dan Mumford

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